Our Story

Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Fall 2022

The place where life led me and my husband, Jim to reevaluate and renew.  

  • Unexpected
  • Challenging
  • Transformational

Empty nesters with open hearts and minds, we were ready to define our future. Santa Fe became a warm friend, welcoming us to the next chapter of who we are and who we could become. 

New beginnings. Fresh starts. Creative vortexes. 

Downtown Subscription

September 2022

One never knows when life will hand you the gift of clarity.

Sitting at our favorite local coffee shop, Downtown Subscription, I saw the woman who had been my muse and inspiration throughout my entire career.  

Ali MacGraw. Beautiful, bohemian, luminous, Ali MacGraw. Her effortless presence filled the coffee shop, and I was starstruck. I was also inspired. Encouraged by Jim and invigorated by the gift Santa Fe delivered directly in my path, the “Ali” bag was born. 

Inspired by women I admire, the rest of the collection followed: The “Aerin” (Aerin Lauder) Envelope Clutch and The “Jackie” (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) Camera Bag. Their style has shaped my own design aesthetic and creative expression in profound ways. 

Edit by Elaine Turner represents a deeper sense of who I am today--joyful, inquisitive, resilient, playful and creative. This collection reflects the me of today, while honoring the me of the past. I invite you to explore and enjoy the Edit.

Our Mission

Empowering Women

We are committed to design handbags that empower women by enhancing their innate beauty and individuality, while maintaining practicality for all of life’s moments. The Edit by Elaine Turner collection is ethically and sustainably made in New York City, each piece created by craftspeople following all ethical and sustainable guidelines and practices. The result? Small production of leather goods and a big focus on product details while eliminating unneeded waste and overproduction.


Customer Service & Beautiful Products

Edit by Elaine Turner is committed to offering intimate customer service in-store and online. And to empower women by offering beautiful products that are ethically and sustainably made.

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