Dea Kudibal

Why we love Dea Kudibal:

Dea Kudibal is based out of Copenhagen and was founded in 2003. We adore their exceptional blend of timeless elegance with a modern flair. Each piece reflects a perfect balance of sophistication and versatility, making her designs effortlessly chic for any occasion. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality, Dea Kudibal captures our hearts by creating fashion that stands out and brings joy to our wardrobes.

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Conniedea Dress
Vaminidea Dress
Tribadea Blouse
Mindy Shorts
Vaniadea Posada Villea Dress
Zelmadea Top
Zelmadea Top
Zinsa Blazer
Rihanna Paisley Pants
Hedwigh Palazzo Sapphire Dress
Vania NS Dress
Rihanna Trousers
Elinor Blazer
Aislinn Dress
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Alondra Dress
Cassisa Blouse
Carita Trousers
Almondi NS Dress
Verina Top
Nebraska Merlot Pants
Nebraska Glitter Black Pants