Meet Elaine

Elaine Turner is a renowned fashion designer, life coach, author and entrepreneur based in Houston, Texas. A graduate of The University of Texas, Elaine has applied her creativity and business acumen to various successful ventures, including the creation of a namesake handbag, shoe and apparel collection and multiple retails outlets.

But that’s just part of her story.  She is much more than the sum of her accomplishments. Elaine is someone who cares passionately, runs on resiliency, and has creativity burning like an ember at her core. 

Elaine is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend who deeply loves the people around her. She is involved in and serves on several non-profit boards focusing on women empowerment, autism and intellectual disabilities, mental health initiatives, and breast cancer awareness.

Her robust career spans more than 30 years and is a study in creativity, entrepreneurship, risk-taking, grand success, and immense challenge.  After dissolving the Elaine Turner brand and retail concept in 2019 due to the changing retail landscape, Elaine pivoted to focus on empowering women through her passion for personal growth. In 2020, she launched an online e-course called: Know Your Worth. The course is designed to guide women in reclaiming their self-worth by building deeper self-awareness and self-compassion. 

While navigating life’s challenges, Elaine realized she was happiest when designing, and in 2023, she reimagined handbags and accessories for those who crave timeless subtle luxury with the introduction of Edit by Elaine Turner, opening a retail location in Tanglewood, an upscale area of Houston. The curated collection of handbags and small leather goods are made in New York and reflect Elaine’s blend of beauty, elegance, and classicism.