Cynthia Jones

Why we love Cynthia Jones:

Elaine has a deep connection to Cynthia Jones Jewelry, as it originates from Santa Fe—a location that holds significant meaning for her. They have become a cherished favorite for its distinctive designs that seamlessly blend sophistication with a touch of whimsy. Each piece reflects an exquisite fusion of creativity and craftsmanship, making a statement that stands out with elegance and individuality. Cynthia Jones's commitment to using high-quality materials and her attention to detail contribute to the enduring beauty of her jewelry. With a perfect balance of modern aesthetics and timeless appeal, Cynthia Jones captures our hearts, offering pieces that not only complement our style but also showcase a unique and artful expression of personal adornment.

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Eternal Oval Lariat Necklace
Bliss Necklace
Heart Stud
Timeless Circle Lariat Necklace
Cascading Petal Stud
Darling Necklace
Diamond Drop Earrings Diamond Drop Earrings
Diamond Drop Earrings Diamond Drop Earrings
Dollop Diamond Necklace Dollop Diamond Necklace
Large Saturn Cuff
Variance Hoop Earrings Variance Hoop Earrings
Variance Hoop Earrings