Elaine's Big Life Trailer - Series Premiere on Nov. 5th

Season 1 | Episode 1

Fashion Never Looked So Real Or so fun and philanthropic – that’s the message Houston based accessories designer Elaine Turner hopes to convey to viewers on Elaine’s Big Life. The video diary series will show a never before seen, behind-the-scenes look at the glamorous (and at times, not so glamorous) life of a fashion designer embarking on her fifteenth year in business and hitting the national stage with stores in Texas, New York, and Nashville and the opening of her tenth retail store. Each episode will chronicle the growing lifestyle brand and highlight the fun and quirky side of Elaine Turner in her day to day adventures - interacting with her Dream Teams in Houston and New York to discuss new trends, design concepts, marketing and PR strategies, and charitable initiatives; plans for new stores with her retail team; her life at home as a working mom with two children and a husband (who just happens to be the CEO); and of course - her loyal customers and those she's touched with her charity initiatives along the way who cannot wait to see Elaine’s next move.

Elaine's Big Life - The Team Behind the Laugh

Season 1 | Episode 2

Meet Elaine, Jim, Heather, and Monica, the Elaine Turner executive team. With this candid footage, we present the animated personalities behind the brand and a window into the daily conversations at a fashion company. Catch a glimpse of design meetings and learn about Elaine’s path to finding her dream job. “The Team Behind the Laugh” shares the often-humorous moments that continue to shape the mission and culture of the business.

Elaine's Big Life - The Team Behind the Crown

Season 1 | Episode 3

Elaine's first-person perspective on her big 3 leadership team.

Elaine's Big Life - G.G.I.F

Season 1 | Episode 4

Learn more about the Glamorous, Giving, Intimate, and Fun culture that is the foundation of Elaine Turner.

Elaine's Big Life - The Why

Season 1 | Episode 5

See why we are all about giving and learn about the platform that Elaine has built to help spread awareness and raise money for causes related to women and children.

Elaine's Big Life - A New York State of Mind

Season 1 | Episode 6

Come with Elaine as she travels to New York City for New York Fashion Week. Along the way, visit her store on Madison Ave., which she'd always dreamed of opening. The store is now one year old and represents taking the brand to the national stage.

Elaine's Big Life - Living the Dream

Season 1 | Episode 7

Join Elaine as she navigates through the more glamorous side of fashion at New York Fashion Week. It’s a dream come true when she gets invited to a luncheon honoring Carolina Herrera at FIT where she runs into the likes of Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, and Oscar de la Renta. As if things couldn’t get any better, Elaine then attends her first fashion runway show for designer Tadashi Shoji. Come along for the ride!

Elaine's Big Life - NYC - It's a Party

Season 1 | Episode 8

A new chapter unfolds as Elaine and her team make appearances in the empire state during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. This week’s episode documents the special moments shared with devoted bloggers, successful designers and executives, and some swanky cowboys. Hear Elaine and Heather discuss the importance of building relationships with customers and how bloggers can contribute to the narrative of the brand.

Elaine's Big Life - Home for the Holidays

Season 1 | Episode 9

Elaine Turner has had a longstanding relationship with Heroes for Children, designing custom product each year and going to all of their events. This year we adopted a family through Heroes for Children and were honored to have participated in the Holiday Heroes event. When it came time to deliver the gifts, our entire team was eager to participate. It feels good to help others and spread the joy and charm of the holiday season. It's hard to tell who enjoyed the gifts more, the children or our team--it was truly magical!

Elaine's Big Life - New Year's

Season 1 | Episode 10

Elaine reflects on this past year and contemplates resolutions for the new year, resolving that this is the year to let go of all resolutions and simply be at peace with being perfectly imperfect. Let this year be the year when magic happens because you let go and allow yourself to try new things and be comfortable with any mistakes you make. Embrace yourself and love yourself in 2015!

Elaine's Big Life - Girl Talk

Season 1 | Episode 11

One of Elaine's favorite quotes--"My friends have made the story of my life"--exemplifies the close-knit relationship that Elaine has with her girlfriends. Frequently gathering to discuss entrepreneurial challenges and how to inspire real change in the community, Elaine and her girlfriends celebrate each other and the undeniable support system that their friend group has built.

Elaine's Big Life - Race to the Finish

Season 1 | Episode 12

Opening a new store is like building a house. It takes 6 - 8 months to complete and is a major undertaking with architects, contractors, permitting, etc. See how Elaine's newest store at BLVD Place in Houston all comes together at the final hour for the grand opening celebration.

Elaine's Big Life - The Pink Sofa

Season 1 | Episode 13

Join Elaine for a private tour of her mid-century ranch style home and see how she incorporates so much of her own personal style into each store's aesthetic. Then, after much stress and a number of hiccups, celebrate the opening of Elaine Turner's 10th store at BLVD Place!

Elaine's Big Life - Valentine's Day

Season 1 | Episode 14

Fall in love with Elaine and Jim! Entrepreneurs and soulmates, they met in New York City and instantly connected over a shared passion for pursuing their dreams. Elaine and Jim built both a business and a family all while keeping in mind what’s ultimately most important—each other. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Elaine's Big Life - Head to Toe

Season 1 | Episode 15

Elaine hosts a charity event at her Rice Village store benefiting Dress for Success Houston, an organization close to her heart. Embarking on a new venture, Elaine meets with the design team to finalize her first ever apparel line with ready-to-wear pieces, launching this April! Designer David Peck offers his expertise as each piece is tailored to perfection.

Elaine's Big Life - Creating Space for Inspiration

Season 1 | Episode 16

What started as a chance, cosmic connection quickly evolves into a beautiful collaboration between strong, entrepreneurial women. Spiritual guru, Elizabeth Irvine, works with the Elaine Turner dream team on finding a moment's peace through mandala meditation. Inspired by Elizabeth's philosophy and teachings, Elaine designs the Elizabeth handbag but doesn't stop there. We are excited to announce the Elizabeth Irvine + Elaine Turner jewelry collaboration, launching this September 2015.

Elaine's Big Life - The Prep: Spring 2015 Photoshoot

Season 1 | Episode 17

The Elaine Turner dream team preps for the spring 2015 photoshoot. Capturing the essence of each location and its complimentary collection is always a challenge, especially in sub 30 degree weather! Go behind the scenes with the Elaine Turner team to get a sneak peek of what it takes to style, shoot, and design a successful campaign.

Elaine's Big Life - The Chilly Adventure

Season 1 | Episode 18

Go behind the scenes with the Elaine Turner dream team to get a sneak peek of a fashion photo shoot and to see what is involved in bringing the spring collection to life in 20 degree weather. On top of a sneak preview of this season’s handbags, shoes, and jewelry, get a closer look at the spring apparel collection coming in April 2015!

Elaine's Big Life - Road Trip!

Season 1 | Episode 19

Come along for the ride as Elaine and her girlfriends head out on a road trip to San Antonio, Texas! After packing up their Ford Explorer, the gals hit the road and make a few pit stops at iconic Texas chains Whataburger and Buc-ee’s.

Elaine's Big Life - Blog Me!

Season 1 | Episode 20

After a fun road trip from Houston, Elaine arrives in San Antonio to host an event with video bloggers Marnie Goldberg of MsGoldgirl and Erin Busbee of Busbee Style. From shoe shopping to make-up tips, Elaine and the bloggers enjoy an afternoon at her Alamo Heights boutique in the heart of San Antonio!


Season 1 | Episode 21

On a quest to live a healthy, balanced life, Elaine heads to Houston’s own DEFINE Body & Mind studio to learn about their innovative and effective workout philosophy. Developed by Houston native Henry Richardson, DEFINE’s mission is to educate people on becoming their personal best, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Come along with Elaine for a day at DEFINE, and in true Elaine Turner fashion, always remember that part of living a balanced life is having fun along the way and not taking yourself too seriously!

Elaine's Big Life - The Art of Creation

Season 1 | Episode 22

Sit in on a design meeting as Elaine and her team reveal the creative process behind designing your favorite Elaine Turner products. From initial concepts to the final product, each step along the way is carefully thought out and creatively executed in order to deliver product that not only looks beautiful but functions beautifully as well.

Elaine's Big Life - Season One Finale

Season 1 | Episode 23

No need to adjust your monitor… you’re not seeing double or triple. See how the dream team surprises Elaine with a fun way to celebrate the end of season one! Catch the highlights, favorite moments, and biggest laughs from the first and very fabulous season of Elaine’s Big Life!