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Uncategorized Oct 29, 2020

Guys- I am so excited! Before I get too deep, I need to tell you something... I am launching a weekly newsletter/blog/note… whatever you want to call it, and this is my very first one!

I am calling it- Elaine’s Musings.

It will include: what’s on my mind right now, what things I am currently loving, and the current happenings with my newly launched Know Your Worth program. You can also access it on my newsletter page.

So here’s what’s on my mind…I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of competition-winning vs. losing, successful vs unsuccessful- (maybe it’s the upcoming election! eek.)

But, I think it probably has more to do with what I am personally going through right now. I just launched my first ever personal development online course last week called- Discover! I was so excited to get it off the ground and into the hands of helping other women. 

I gotta be real with you though- it felt raw, exposing and vulnerable. My inner critic and ugly ego were at an all-time high:

  • Who are you to think you can do this?
  • People will be so confused, you are a fashion designer, remember?
  • What do you really know anyway?
  • This whole thing will be a huge flop!

I cannot lie, I have been working tirelessly on this project for over a year now, so I was determined to set new goals for myself. And, being a major “doer and achiever” makes it all even harder. Aiyaiyai! Help!

 Here’s what’s saved me from plummeting into the: “I am not good enough story”:


I know my standards on what makes me truly happy and it has nothing to do with external validation or someone else’s definition of success. My inner fulfillment is measured only by me.

I know the motivation for my ambition is about self-growth. I am driven to learn, grow and meet my own expectations- not win or lose.

I know I can fall victim to seeking outside accomplishment tirelessly, but I do so out of a passionate desire to support and empower women and to ultimately, improve the world! 
I know, in order to have balance, I have to learn patience. I know that when I feel stressed, overwhelmed or unhappy as I attempt to achieve my goals, it’s probably because I am motivated by the wrong things.


I know when I have lost my joy for my work, it will return when I get clear about my authentic intentions. 


Remember: True progress and growth is never a matter of winning or losing. It’s about taking pride in our progress at any pace, and knowing I am enough regardless of any external measure.


You Must listen to this podcast episode on Unlocking Us with Brene’ Brown. Drs. Emily and Amelia Nagoski have just released a new book titled, I loved this episode for several reasons. But, I think the biggest one is that these 2 wise sisters talk about a lot of the same things I do in my newly released know Your Worth program!! I felt like I was listening to my mentors the entire episode. They talk about how so many of us- especially women- are flat out overwhelmed and burnt out, and how we struggle to complete what they call, “the stress cycle.” They talk about how our emotions are processed in our bodies. And, they emphasize the vital importance of moving our bodies as a key way to move through and complete the cycle of being emotionally distressed.


I am reading a new book called… wait for it.. Sexually Woke. I know I know- love the title but love the author even more. Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith has written a game-changer for middle-aged women. She is a local Houstonian who owns a thriving midlife wellness practice and she serves thousands of women in and around the Houston area. In other words, she’s heard it all! But, here’s what I love about the book- she connects human psychology, spirituality and backed-up research to communicate the effects of aging, and what that does to our mind, body heart and soul. It is a deep read and one that will profoundly resonate with you if you are a woman nearing menopause or even if you have already worked your way through it.


My go-to fall fashion look right now: The Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket! Here’s why I love it- You can dress it up or down, it is UBER comfy (the fabric has stretch in it), and it's sleek, polished and timeless. I am finding this jacket takes me from the airplane to drinks with my hubs with ease. Whenever I find pieces like that- my life is just so much better for it!


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