Home for the Holidays

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2020

“Home for the holidays”, something we say often, but I want to challenge you to look at this phrase in a new perspective. 

What if this year as we are spending more time at home, unable to travel to see loved ones, we take the approach that we are truly coming home to ourselves? What if, since we are required to be home, we truly enjoy the process? 

What I have come to realize over this past year is being “home” has symbolized more than a physical space I live in; it’s also been a journey in coming “home” to my true self.

I’m talking about the ability to take a moment to be still and listen, and pausing long enough to breathe into the spaces in your body that might feel abandoned. And, to know what it feels like to be emotionally and physically present in your life.
Our minds and bodies are interconnected, and the condition of one affects the condition of the other. This is why developing and practicing some form of contemplation is so powerful for healing the body.
By providing enough space for our minds to begin to settle, we notice our bodies begin to follow suit. We recognize by “coming home” to ourselves, we are in fact coming home to our inherent nature of wholeness. We understand that we are enough, as is, right here, right now. (Check out my mind/heart/body check-in to begin a daily practice)
My hope is that this gift guide allows you to discover pieces that are both relaxed and luxurious. I have compiled my favorite cozy and comforting items that have truly helped me get through this year. 
Some may be splurges, some may be stocking stuffers, but I’m sure they will all make you or a loved one smile!
Happy Holidays my friends!




I love these animal print inspired PJ’s from Rails - they have great quality and make lounging around look chic!





We spend a lot of time solving problems and overcoming obstacles, but how often do we take time out to celebrate the good stuff? I bought these Gratitude journals by Alleyoop for my besties this year. I love how simple and easy it is to use, and it’s not dated so you can pick it up whenever it first into your daily routine. Also, the pens are awesome- smooth and easy to write with…


Your home is not complete without an essential oil set. I love this one by Saje. This is a set for relaxation and grounding. These oils are specifically for a diffuser, so you need to grab that too! Get ready to turn any room in your home into an instant spa! Ahhhh.. breathing better already…




This is my shameless plug for my newly launched Discover E-course. Give the gift of self-discovery! There is no better time than the new year to learn more about yourself and take the time to reflect, restore and re-charge. 







Chic jogger ensembles seem to be all the rage since we are spending so much time at home- This one by Rails makes my heart skip a beat- the camel color goes with everything and has a sophisticated touch.





For your beautifully adorned friend who wants some glitz in her life even if she’s just walking from the bedroom to the kitchen. This evil eye pendant necklace form Sequin caught my eye. (literally) I love feeling protected and glamorous at the same time.






Barefoot Dreams is the coziest brand I know! Their fabrics feel like you are wrapped in a warm cloud of goodness. This robe with matching socks is perfect for your “I’m all about feeling comfortable” friend.





For your bestie who loves a monogram- this custom monogrammed throw by Mark and Graham is the perfect touch to your favorite cozy chair!







I love Spiritual Gangster! Their tees and sweatshirts make me smile. I own several pieces and this sweatshirt caught my eye- especially after the year we have all had. Let’s be Grateful!





These are my absolute favorite candles. I love both the tuberose and the lavender scents! And the great news is you can buy a refill once your candle is done burning. The terracotta pots are my fav!





For your friend who loves to feel inspired-  This coffee mug from Target will be her go-to for her morning cup of joe!








This Beyond Yoga legging is my favorite “lay around” legging for lazy days at home. I own 3 pair! YIKES.







I just love this cozy fleece camo jacket from Rails! So fun and feminine – you can wear it outside on cold winter days or cozy up at home in front of the fire






I own these slippers and I must say- they have become my obsession. I never don’t have them on while at home. It feels like I am walking inside a fur pouch.






 For your splurge gift of the year,give the gift of cashmere! It never disappoints. And, I love it in this effortlessly cool hoodie style by Naadam.









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