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Uncategorized Dec 16, 2020

Hi Friends,

I have put a last minute gift guide together, and it’s all about Gratitude!  I wanted to put something together for anyone who might be looking for last minute gift ideas that are meaningful, personal and gracious.

I gotta come clean here… I used to cringe a bit at the word “gratitude.” It bothered me. I felt kinda bullied into it in a way. It’s become the mainstream, “everyone must, all the time feel this or else” type of emotion. It felt forced, fake and over-used. Everyone from Oprah to Joanna Gaines to Rachel Hollis are preaching about it 24-7.

Truth be told, I am warming up to it. You know the old adage… ‘the lesson is only learned when you are ready to hear it...’ Well, this is my story around gratitude. I had to surrender to it. I had to let it sink into my bones. (I can’t lie- living through 2020 has helped me get there! HA.)

I had that eye opening, stop me in my tracks moment several months ago while reading research about how practicing gratitude changes your brain. (I guess I needed actual science to convince me)

Oh, okay, I got it! Gratitude is a verb. It’s a PRACTICE. It’s a CHOICE.  A choice to wake up each day on the side of abundance not scarcity. A choice to say – “I have enough, I am enough, I am grateful.”

This has made all the difference in how I approach feeling grateful.

Please learn more about my daily gratitude practice here. 

And, enjoy the gift guide!

This is a unique and special gift for someone you love! The box includes a fresh succulent, lavender candle and oatmeal soap. I feel like this is such a heartwarming and truly one-of-a-kind gesture to someone you are grateful for. 





I love Bayou Blend Tee’s! Their business is focused on bringing awareness to autism, and expressing acceptance, inclusion and diversity through their beautiful tee-shirts. Their tees are sensory friendly made with premium fabrics and are all label free. And, as an added bonus- they donate one tee to someone with special needs for every tee sold.  Now, how cool is that!!??



Anne Nielson is a fav of mine!! She is known for her breathtaking and meaningful angel paintings, but she also has luxurious items for the home. I love her candles and gratitude cards! They are currently sold out on her website but I know two stores in Houston who are currently stocked with her items and  (I am sure they would love to ship them out to you asap!)



I love these festive plates by Juliska! Juliska is one of my very favorite tabletop brands, and this collection of charming gift trays that express meaningful declarations of gratitude are so unique. They are decorated with natural treasures from the forest floor, and each sentiment expresses an inspiring token of affection to bestow upon someone you love and appreciate!




These bracelets are both meaningful and chic. They are a great way to express gratitude to a friend or family member who is devoted to self-care, yoga or mindfulness. (and they are affordable too!)





These gratitude jars are such a great (and easy) way to include the whole family in a daily gratitude practice. You can keep this in the kitchen (or wherever you gather) and everyone can express what they are grateful for by jotting it down and throwing it in the jar! I love this as a gift idea for your closest family friends.




This bracelet makes me so happy! We all need reminders of our inherent worthiness, and this delicate adornment will do the trick. I also love how you can buy this bracelet in different metals so the price varies based on what you choose. This is the perfect choice for your bestie to remind her to Know Her Worth!




I love these blessing beads by Sercy Studio. They are a perfect way to add sentiment to just about any nook in your home. They look amazing draped over a stack of books or on a coffee table or book shelf. I love the idea of gifting these to someone special as a reminder of the blessing they are in your life, and as a meaningful way to express your faith and gratitude in them. Please note: they are no longer available on their website- BUT - has them in stock- call to purchase today!



This is my big-time splurge pick of the season! Sydney Evan jewelry is amazing. Her signature beaded bracelets are all the rage, but this diamond-inlayed “grateful” necklace just says it all. I love this for mom, sister or daughter. 






I found another great gratitude journal! You can never have enough. This one by Promptly Journals is especially unique in that it provides reflective prompts to inspire deeper thought and contemplation. This is a great gift for the writer in your life.


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