What Does Self-Care Mean to YOU?

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2021


Dear Friends,
I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a while. It might be a little late for this- but Happy New Year!
I have been in great need of taking some time away, and tending to my emotional and physical health. Unfortunately, we received some bad news about my mother’s cancer journey in early January. She experienced another recurrence on her spine. She has been in treatment the last couple of weeks.
Since this awful news, we’ve experienced the full gamut of emotions- terror, grief, fear, hope, anger – you name it and its been felt.
This all got me thinking deeper about self-care and what it truly means.
I’ve noticed that just the word “self-care” triggers some people-  maybe it’s because they aren’t quite sure what it means or they have a perception of what it means that makes them feel uneasy…. I get it trust me!
To put you at ease, here’s my take on it: Self-care is ultimately about befriending yourself and tuning into what you need. And, the definition of it changes as quickly you do, so it’s never going to look and feel the same.
Self-care isn’t just about getting your nails and hair done or going to the spa (don’t get me wrong there is a place for those activities 😍), nor is it all about being compassionate all the time, doing yoga, meditating or traveling to India. Self-care is much more personal, complex and deliberate.
For me, self-care is about taking radical self-responsibility, or you could say “empowered responsibility” to create the change you seek in your life. It’s about tuning into your body over your mind, and being courageous enough to listen and react to what you feel.
So, in essence, self-care could be many things: confronting an uncomfortable situation with truth and heart, resting or exercising, being alone or connecting with a dear friend, building a necessary boundary in your life or stepping outside of your comfort zone, crying, laughing, being creative or resting your mind…
You get the drift. The beauty in self-care is only YOU know what you need and only YOU have the answers.
I have recently launched some self-care tools that you will find here. My hope is that they bring you whatever it is you need- peace, comfort, healing or even just a “feel good” moment.
Even through this recent hardship, I feel eternally grateful to be able to go on this journey with you.


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