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Mar 11, 2021

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Dear Friends,

I wanted to send out a note to share some of my recent press in hopes it could support you during these Crazy Covid times.

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Authority Magazine about how to build a self-care practice that works for you. And, Thrive Global interviewed me about how to Discover self-love.

As many of y’all know, both of these topics are a passion of mine. And, in keeping with #womenshistorymonth and #internationalwomensday, I felt these topics could help women who are on a journey to build a more compassionate, nurturing relationship with themselves.

Also, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sam Zavary, President of Exclusive Furniture here in Houston. His passion, curiosity and motivation are infectious! What a powerhouse of a human! We got deep about what it really takes to build the life you want! I’d love for you to tune...

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What Does Self-Care Mean to YOU?

Feb 12, 2021


Dear Friends,
I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a while. It might be a little late for this- but Happy New Year!
I have been in great need of taking some time away, and tending to my emotional and physical health. Unfortunately, we received some bad news about my mother’s cancer journey in early January. She experienced another recurrence on her spine. She has been in treatment the last couple of weeks.
Since this awful news, we’ve experienced the full gamut of emotions- terror, grief, fear, hope, anger – you name it and its been felt.
This all got me thinking deeper about self-care and what it truly means.
I’ve noticed that just the word “self-care” triggers some people-  maybe it’s because they aren’t quite sure what it means or they have a perception of what it means that makes them feel uneasy…. I get it trust me!
To put you at ease, here’s my...

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Give the Gift of Gratitude

Dec 17, 2020

Hi Friends,

I have put a last minute gift guide together, and it’s all about Gratitude!  I wanted to put something together for anyone who might be looking for last minute gift ideas that are meaningful, personal and gracious.

I gotta come clean here… I used to cringe a bit at the word “gratitude.” It bothered me. I felt kinda bullied into it in a way. It’s become the mainstream, “everyone must, all the time feel this or else” type of emotion. It felt forced, fake and over-used. Everyone from Oprah to Joanna Gaines to Rachel Hollis are preaching about it 24-7.

Truth be told, I am warming up to it. You know the old adage… ‘the lesson is only learned when you are ready to hear it...’ Well, this is my story around gratitude. I had to surrender to it. I had to let it sink into my bones. (I can’t lie- living through 2020 has helped me get there! HA.)

I had that eye opening, stop me in my tracks moment several...

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Home for the Holidays

Dec 10, 2020

“Home for the holidays”, something we say often, but I want to challenge you to look at this phrase in a new perspective. 

What if this year as we are spending more time at home, unable to travel to see loved ones, we take the approach that we are truly coming home to ourselves? What if, since we are required to be home, we truly enjoy the process? 

What I have come to realize over this past year is being “home” has symbolized more than a physical space I live in; it’s also been a journey in coming “home” to my true self.

I’m talking about the ability to take a moment to be still and listen, and pausing long enough to breathe into the spaces in your body that might feel abandoned. And, to know what it feels like to be emotionally and physically present in your life.
Our minds and bodies are interconnected, and the condition of one affects the condition of the other. This is why developing and practicing some form of...

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Thanksgiving Thoughts from Elaine

Nov 29, 2020

Dearest Friends,

What I have learned over my five decades on earth is that what we feel and how we choose to see things is a choice, a practice, or as Charles Henderson would say, “an act of will.”

Whatever our usual Thanksgiving traditions, this year will almost certainly be different. We might be missing our loved ones who we regularly see on this holiday, or we will be grieving someone we have lost, or feeling like “giving thanks” is almost too much to bear after the year we have had.

It goes without saying that we all have been slogging through a very tough year, and adjusting to a new normal. There have been so many difficult lessons learned that most of us would never have chosen.

So… what if this is the year we reconsider how we celebrate Thanksgiving? What if we take the pressure off a bit in all the planning, organizing and cooking? What if we stay in the present moment and actively choose to see the good?

Let’s play a game I...
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Darling Magazine

Nov 29, 2020


I was so honored to be featured in Darling magazine this month. If you haven’t already- check them out! They courageously share stories about REAL women who embrace the truth of who we are- no matter how messy or complicated.  
They graciously asked me to write about my journey with my daughter, Marlie. It was especially emotional for me to revisit those vulnerable years, but it was also extremely cathartic. Facing the truth of my daughter's condition set me free. No matter how difficult your situation, acceptance moves us forward into a space of empowerment. We are able to begin to make choices, take action and shift our perspective to create a better tomorrow.

For the first 10 years of my daughter Marlie’s life, I was living in “no man’s land.” My husband, Jim, and I knew something wasn’t quite right, but Marlie’s “symptoms,” so to...

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The Season of "Yes!"

Nov 20, 2020
Hi friends,
We are officially entering the season of “yes”. What I mean by that is… during the holiday season, many of us are expected to meet unrealistic expectations. And, often our go-to response is: “YES, of course!”
There is no doubt this holiday season will look and feel different than any other we have experienced. Some of us might even feel like we are supposed to “BE and DO more” to make up for the pandemic keeping us apart.
But here’s what I have learned: Disappointing others is sometimes a byproduct of honoring ourselves. None of us are perfect, and you are going to disappoint people regardless of what you do. It’s essential to remember that the expectations we must try to meet are to ourselves. I have found one of the key ways to protect my boundaries is to get into the daily habit of asking myself a very simple question:
“What do I need to feel better right now?
Please know...
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Honoring our Differences

Nov 06, 2020

I am not sure who said this quote:

 “We are all connected, but we are not all the same.”

 But, it’s bringing me some comfort in such divisive times.

 As I look around at my neighbors and the immediate people in my life, I'm reminded that we all long for the same things— close relationships where we feel loved and understood, a sense of belonging, a feeling of safety and security, a valuable contribution to community, good health and a sense of general happiness and purpose.

The fact remains, that after we account for our basic human needs, things get much more complex. We are all unique, original creatures. As a society, I believe we should honor this more than we do. Instead, many of us choose to live in a vacuum and tend to assume we are all on the same page.

Here’s the deal: we all have different stories, different wounds, different interpersonal relationships, different social programming, different family of origin stories,...

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Introducing Elaine’s Musings

Oct 30, 2020

Guys- I am so excited! Before I get too deep, I need to tell you something... I am launching a weekly newsletter/blog/note… whatever you want to call it, and this is my very first one!

I am calling it- Elaine’s Musings.

It will include: what’s on my mind right now, what things I am currently loving, and the current happenings with my newly launched Know Your Worth program. You can also access it on my newsletter page.

So here’s what’s on my mind…I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of competition-winning vs. losing, successful vs unsuccessful- (maybe it’s the upcoming election! eek.)

But, I think it probably has more to do with what I am personally going through right now. I just launched my first ever personal development online course last week called- Discover! I was so excited to get it off the ground and into the hands of helping other women. 

I gotta be real with you though- it felt raw, exposing and...

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